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While VX Ace was open, some idiot pulled the cable from my computer, and now every single data file has been corrupted. I don't know what to do.

I've uploaded the data folder here. There is at least a month of work here that hasn't been backed up,  probably 2-3. I'm at my wit's end. Windows 10 for some reason does not keep restoration points at its folders like it's supposed to.


Please help.


Alternatively, I had uploaded a much more recent version for a friend, but I had checked the "encryption" box, and the data folder isn't visible when I open the downloaded file. If someone can somehow extract them from there, I will only lose a week's worth. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZasZQZbnoNLooSPI4PA7PBh4PRJ_oNUZ


Corrupted Data folder:


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I had a problem with the files being corrupted once... Somehow VX Ace crashed while saving or something and all the data files were zero bytes long. I had to get a util to look at deleted/lost file chains to recover anything, though mostly I was focused on scripts. You don't seem to have the same problem, since your files arn't zero bytes long. Which is good because archiving them would do no good if they were. Are you sure every data file is corrupted though? It might just be one or two. Since you have the old version now, you can try adding in files from the corrupted folder one by one to see if it gives an error while opening the project. You might be able to save some of the data from the corrupted folder that way!

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7 hours ago, Kayzee said:

Are you sure every data file is corrupted though?

I tried to put the files in a blank project one by one and it would not load even after replacing all one by one. It got stuck on the tileset file. I replaced it and still said the file was corrupt but when replacing all files it worked fine.I'm sure all are corrupt. There was only about 2 I did not copy over in that test.

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