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Can players see your assets when the game is exported?

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask.


If I added some of my own content such as sprites and music, can the player see the assets in the folders after the game has been exported?

I also want to know if the game can be edited after being exported.

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Hello there, I have moved your thread to Editor Support and Discussion. Game Production area is for posting your own projects. No worries, it's all fine now.


Normally not, once the game is exported and encrypted, players cannot access your files, except music. For some reason the folder with audio normally stays as it is and players can access these if they're willing to do so.


However, Ace's encryption doesn't make your files 100% safe anyway. People already came up with a some sort of 3rd party hacking software, that will 'decrypt' your game back, making it fully vulnerable to resource theft as well as hacking the game itself by opening it in the editor (manipulating with contents ~ cheats etc.).


Summarizing: Yes, players can see your assets and edit the game after being exported if they're determined to do so.


I recall some coders working on an alternate way to encrypt your game with better protection, but I haven't tried any of these, so can't tell. Try googling rpg maker ace encryption scripts, perhaps you may find something.

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