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TP Bar used as Stamina

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Hello all,


I am attempting to create a game in RPG Maker MV, and have stumbled onto a problem. I am attempting to turn TP into a Stamina meter, which would fill up as attacks and actions are used, and once full, would cause the player to enter an exhausted state, that can only be fixed by "Resting" aka using Guard. Upon completion of the Guard action, the stamina bar would either be reduced or reset to zero (I have not yet decided, but I think resetting to zero would be the easier option) and the fight would continue.


Using Yanfly's plugin I have TP set to reset after each battle, which is what I want, and established how much TP is generated by attacks and actions, as well as the max TP. I cannot figure out how to have an Exhausted State become active once TP is full, or how to implement the Guard/Rest system described above.


All help, ideas or suggestions are appreciated!



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