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Final Fantasy battlers on RPG Maker MV

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I am a fan of Final Fantasy games and I also like the RPG Maker MV engine. That's why I decided to import Final Fantasy Brave Exvius battlers to RPG Maker MV with the help of Yami Sideview plugin. I did this to see how would "our heroes" look in this engine and to deepen my knowledge on action sequences. I have made several videos until now, which you can view here. Any opinion is appreciated. Thank you!

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On 1/9/2019 at 3:13 PM, FF2MV said:

As long as these resources are used for free projects, I don't think Square Enix will bother us.




Evidently you just don't know how savage Square-Enix is. Doesn't matter if it's free or not, they are the property of Square-Enix, and are protected by copyright law.


Square has always been highly protective of their Final Fantasy Franchise. The last thing they ever want, are rando westerners releasing fanfics. It's like their worst nightmare, for some reason. Ever since this epic shit storm happened, Square has been highly protective of FF material and canon. The attitude sort of became, "Never again."


Nintendo is just as bad, or worse. They have killed many fan-games strictly because they thought ignoring the copyright laws was a viable option. (lol)

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Square is protective of their IP, sure. But it's a handful of sand to what Nintendo of America does (Nintendo of Japan is far less aggro because they're more intelligent and know better). As far as Brave Exvius characters go, though, that's not just Square's IP, there are collaborations within the 6,000+ roster of playable characters.


Of course, Fair Use is a thing that most corporations don't care about, so that's always a roll of the dice. Ultimately, fan games boost visibility. That's been proven time and again.


I say, go for it. Plus, if they're recreations and not direct rips, that's fully Fair Use.


Anyway, bonne chance with your project. Wind at your sails.

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I don't blame Nintendo of America. Not one bit. Other companies just don't care. At least Nintendo and Square care about titles like Zelda and FF, which are holy ground, not to be fucked with by just anyone with a copy of an RM.


Copyright laws exist for a reason. It's no different than theft; 'borrowing' my laptop without permission for a few days, because it's so important to YOU. Oh - but it's still my laptop, and you had every intention of returning it when you were done.


No harm, no foil?


Wrong! It was mine to loan you, or not. You made a unilateral decision based solely on your own desires. Choosing to ignore any moral, social, or legal systems.



That's what it boils down to. That's why most gaming companies take down ANY fan game that gains notable traction. Because you had no right.


Maybe just make your own battlers?



Just a stark reminder of how serious this is, here are 10 examples (among thousands) of fan games that were taken down by various companies. These games were professionally made with love, passion, and a skillful set of hands. And they were still destroyed on principle.


Despite their awe-inspiring quality and declaration of love for the games they are based on, they were shot to pieces by the very people who should have appreciated it the most. And there's the key thought here. Because it's not that these companies don't appreciate the games. I bet staffers played each and every one, before the reality that it's a multi-million dollar business comes knocking, and the legal teams have to step up to protect their property, and enforce the law.



This is not something we should be making light of. It is a very real problem. Amateur devs cannot resist making fan games (It's easy, I get it. Everything is done for you already) and it's a shame when they get trashed, even though they were marked for death form the time of inception.


The issue isn't even profit, most of these games are non-commercial. The companies stand to lose NOTHING. What matters is, you stole their IP to begin with, Like, hello Captain Obvious, rofl. But over and above that, that awesome fan game you ripped off will give you a ton of exposure. Maybe then you release your own original game, and make hundreds of thousands more in profits than you would if you hadn't piggybacked off of Square-Enix, Nintendo, Konami, etc.


You have to look at it objectively, not as an RM dev. It's law, there's really no room for argument.

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The problem with that mentality is that people become greedy and avaricious over time, and that never ends well.

So, I'm agreeing to disagree, and the dev has my support on this. I can only hope that this is a mere stepping stone forward and not the flagship.

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Actually, this is the problem with society today. The mentality that you're owed something...


If you want to build a name and living for yourself using the IP of companies like Sqaure-Enix, get a job with Square-Enix. Otherwise, expect to be Taken Down.


It's a business, not a charity.

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