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A bunch of Tutorials

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Hey i made a bunch of video tutorials for the RPG Maker MV and wanted to share them. Since I don't want to spam this Community I decided to just link my YouTube channel, where I uploaded them. I literally earn nothing from it and do it for fun and to help people so I hope it's ok the way I did now.

- Define borders with coordinates
- Push a stone onto a button to reveal a hidden door
- Turn events to the direction of the player (like someone is watching you)
- A horse race minigame
- An alternate Action Battle System
- A Lufia style approach from enemies, with the function to let them step on a button to open a door and to shoot them to freeze them on the current position for a few seconds

Brief Description:
- Learn to store informations about events in variables and use them

- RPG-Maker MV (Also should work for older versions)

Tutorial Links:

Thank you for reading.

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