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Need something that makes hp drain slowly like in Earthbound/Mother 3

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I can't find a script or method that makes it so that when you take a hit, instead of HP just going down by x, it goes down by 1 x amount of times and while its going down, you can still do things and potentially save your party member if you're fast enough like it is in Mother 3. If its possible, I want it to drain from an HP bar instead of the Odometer, be able to change drain speed, NOT show text when you take damage or take mortal damage, and display a special effect when taking mortal damage. These functions are not required, but i would like them. I'll be incredibly grateful if someone can make this or has this.

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No, you get hit but instead of the damage just being subtracted from your health instantly, it goes down a little bit over and over in real time, and in that time, you can still do things. You can see it well here. 

Also, I only want to change how the player's health decreases. I don't actually want the odometer. Thanks! 

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