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OTHER Monigote Fantasy [English] Full version available! [RM2k3]

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(moh-nee-goh-tay Fantasy)


AUTHOR: Bit Bros! Games
GENRE: Old School RPG
ENGINE: RPG Maker 2003
STATUS: Complete




zLzU Meet Moni, the Hero of the Legend! A paper doll-like white little fellow who just happened to take the Legendary Sword... and that’s proof enough for us. So, with no option left, he sets off to fulfill his duties as a true adventure hero: defeating the dragon, rescuing the princess or redeeming the sin of having been conceived as a way to balance the psyche of a motherly Moon goddess. Adventures always on the go!

Join Moni on his quest along with his loyal friends:
Y842 Moki, a giant sword-wielding barbarian!
O8iu Mofi, a sexy not-so-black mage!
Mogi And Mogi, a pretty lame always-whining anti-hero!

Monigote Fantasy is a comedy and adventure RPG perfect for chilling out and having fun slaughtering monsters, exploring dungeons and enjoying non-stop gags and quests. With an estimated gameplay length of around 15 hours full of big and classic experiences!





Y0gr Over 15 hours of gameplay!
Y0gr Over 30 skins for Moni, the main character!
Y0gr More than 200 different monsters!
Y0gr More than 100 both funny and silly characters!
Y0gr Lots of chance meetings with friends and not so friends in the dungeons!
Y0gr Raise your stats by doing side quests!
Y0gr Get items and money in the minigames!
Y0gr Risk your life at every step with the Randrama!
Y0gr Explore the world with the help of the Rumpus Compass!
Y0gr Check your treasure hunter level in the Treasure Hunter's Lair!
Y0gr Find much more features inside the Magic Pouch!
Y0gr Fully custom graphics! (Except some battle animations, who cares about that?)
Y0gr Fully custom engines that will make you wonder if it's really made with RPG Maker 2k3! (maybe)
Y0gr Special bonus content!
Y0gr More silly characters!
Y0gr A hidden ending scene!
Y0gr More stuff I don't remember!
Y0gr Weather and time system locked in the ETERNAL NOON! O_O
Y0gr Fully tested! We've fixed tons of bugs and added many others just for YOU!
Y0gr And last but not least, you can have a tea with some snacks! :3









First beta in English coming soon!

The beta will cover around the first 8 hours of the game and it'll be out in some weeks.
But we need your help!
We're not native speakers in English but we've put a lot of effort and literally our heart and soul (maybe not literally) on making and translating this project, so we'd greatly appreciate if any of you could help us proofread the game (especially if English is your first language). If you're up for it, please let us know!


Update: Full version available!

The full English version is available for download here!




Thanks for your support!

You can check our Facebook page here! (in Spanish)

BitBros! Games.

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Monigote Fantasy beta is finally out!

It's been a long road but we can finally share it with all of you.
The beta is about 14 hours long and covers 80% of the game, so get ready to have fun with the adventures of this adorable cast of generic characters and find out there's more to them than what appears at first blush.

For this beta, we've fixed a fair amount of bugs, added some extra features, improved the interface and polished some of the mechanics to make them less RAM-demanding.

We'd absolutely love you to try the game and, above all, help us proofread the English translation because, although we've put our heart and probably other (and others') organs into it, we're no native speakers and some parts may sound a bit off.

We're really excited to hear your feedback!
Until then, we'll keep working hard on the final stage of the game!




Available on request

Anyone interested, please send us a PM! :D
Thanks in advance for your great help!
BitBros! Games.
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Hi everybody!
After some time, we've decided to publish the English beta of Monigote Fantasy publicly!
Here's the link if you want to give it a shot:



Saves will be compatible between the English final version and the beta in case you want to continue your game. :)
If you find any bug or anything wrong about the translation, please let us know so we can fix it.
Hope you enjoy the game and...




BitBros! Games.
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Hi everyone!
We hope you're all doing well and staying healthy at home. :)

We’re so happy to present you... the full English version of Monigote Fantasy finally available to all of you!




It’s taken a long time (yup, a REAAAALLY long time) but it’s finally here, and it’s complete, and Monier than ever!

We’ve debugged the game thoroughly, largely thanks to your feedback on the beta (thanks to Ghoulsteak, TheRpgmakerAddict, Firefly84 and everyone who played, you’ve been great!) which has also helped us balance the experience.

Now you can see Moni’s adventure to its end, it includes a guide on how to get all the skins and an extra challenge for those willing to take it on!
(And there's still room for new ideas, too!)




If you want to continue your game from where you left off, your save from the beta is absolutely compatible with this version, so you can do it TODAY! (For real, tho! What're you waiting for?! Ō_Ō)

We very much appreciate any feedback you’re willing to give us (especially in terms of the translation 'cause we're not native speakers) so we can improve this game, in which we've put a lot of work and love.

Thank you for reading and hope you like Monigote Fantasy!






BitBros! Games.

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