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The war wolf

Percentage increases

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Okay so I'm a table top nerd so in order to get what I am trying to convey I'll be using the terms I use to ask a question (and I hope my choice in forum is correct) 


Now I want to add percentage boosts to say a skills damage and a good exampble would be the pathfinder OGL's two handed weapon rule. 


If wielding a weapon two handed you add + 50% of a stat to the damage. 


How would I be able to work that so an example would be 


Physical attack paramater +50% (so say your physical attack stat was 50 it would become 100 for the purpose of the skill) 


Any help here or. Links to potential posts that can help would be appreciated 


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i don't use MV, but in VXA you can reference a variable in a skill's damage formula. i'd imagine you can do the same in MV; just have a common event set to check an actor's stat every so often, then calculate 50% of that stat and tack it onto the formula.

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