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Angry Choco

[VX - Facesets] Faceset Request

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This is a hail mary. A shot in the dark.


Whilst I'm fairly certain the Rm art community has seen livelier days, I find myself in need a custom face sheet. I cannot pay anyone, as I'm a rookie dev who has only 'played' the titles, never released anything, no real budget, I'm working off non-commerical resources here. All I can offer is exposure through credit.


For most games I would improvise. Find a face that gets the job done for the character I need, then find or generate a matching body. But this is no ordinary game, this is something that's been highly developed for some time now and I've been entertaining the idea of turning it into a JRPG.


I have a Final Fantasy Tribute story I've been working on for some time. For even a non-commercial RM release I may have to retool the FF trademarks like Bahamut out, but it's a non issue in the grand scheme.


I have done some light sprite editing on 4 of the main male characters, and I am still working on the first female sheet.



I am looking for a face sheet for these sprites. I don't much care about style, because text boxes will have no facesets, in classic FF style. Hell, as long as they are matching, you can generate them as long as it isn't using the VX Ace generator. But if you have a nice library of generator parts, feel free to give it a try.


You do not have to worry about doing a face for both versions if you do not want to. it would be nice but I'm hat-in-hand here.



From Top Left to Bottom Right: Seto, Stryker (Hans), Casius, Cid.



Description: A nomadic swordsman who wears a strange insignia on his exotic cape.

Age: 25

Expression: Neutral, intense sapphire eyes that are stern yet boyish.



Description: Former Zenobian Special Ops, current owner/operator of Rebel Radio, and the most wanted man in all the Empire.

Age: 38

Expression: Dead serious, stern brow and hardened, cautious brown eyes. (Brows aren't so bushy)



Description: A warrior black mage of The Veldts of Stormsail Coast. Exiled for choosing exploration of the outside world over his own tribes, Cas roams the world, seeking an unknown calling.

Age: 237 (Doesn't appear that old)

Expression: Complete neutrality. Strong, hairless brow with solid white eyes and ashy grey skin.

Notes: Black mages are very tall, muscular individuals on average. They purge emotions in order to master focus in battle, training, the practice of magic, and their personal lives. Their presence, even when peaceful, can be terrifying to those unaccustomed to them.



Description: Decorated Zenobian Airship Captain and war hero - turned rebel supporter. Cid is uncle to brothers and fellow weekend rebels, Biggs and Wedge Fairwind.

Age: 62

Expression: Closed lip smile, paternal eyes that reflect the authority and confidence of a veteran airship captain.



There are more characters that would require a face, I'm just tossing a line out to see if anyone bites.


I hope someone feels up to the task.



This has been a Hail Mary. Thanks for your time.






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