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Ceri Handen

Weapons powering up throughout Story

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Something that has always bothered me about many RPGs is how there are multiple instances where you will be going into a weapon/armour shop and spend a lot of time buying and selling stuff. It feels weird to think that the characters will hold their starting weapon and then throw it out the window for something they have possibly never seen before. This is also the case with armour, one moment your fastest character has casual clothing, BOOM, now they'll wearing shining knights armour.


So after playing Blue Dragon, it gave me inspiration for how I made character stat progression. In Blue Dragon, there are no weapons or armour, instead, you have the character's dragon/soul and accessories that act as armour. My idea is that each character has their own unique weapon that they keep start to finish, whenever they beat a boss that drops an upgrade for their weapon, they can (game is still in progress, so deciding between the two) either go to a specific area to get it upgraded or it is upgraded right on the get go. Accessories will still be purchased from an item shop along with another feature in my game.


Other than that, that's an idea for my game. To me, it feels satisfying to watch the little parts of characters grow as well. What are your thoughts?

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I find the allure of equipment management to be timeless, although not essential to an rpg experience. Unique aspects are always a bonus to make your game memorable to the player (speaking as a player before a developer). Part of what makes enemy drops, treasure chests, and item shops (that feeling of getting to a new town, and hunting down the gear shops) so great is the prospect of finding that rare weapon or accessory, buying a shiny new sword that may have special properties no other sword can offer. Some of my favorite rpgs have great gear for great characters, not just a stat bonus curve. I appreciate when a game can allow me to choose what gear I want to use in order to create desired strategies. Sacrificing some attack power for elemental damage, or an evasion boost, for example.


And gear doesn't last forever. Unless every character happens to start off with a rare, master-quality weapon that is impervious to the wear and tear of combat, there may come a point in time when your archer says “This Elven longbow is probably superior to my simple oak hunting shortbow.”


Now having said all of this, by no means am I trying to change your mind or create doubt , just saying for the sake of conversation.


One thing you might consider is adding a secret weapon for every character. A type of legendary of master weapon that can be found and replace that weapon you’ve been staring at since the beginning of the game.


I find it as unlikely that a warrior would maintain the same sword for duration of his quest across the world, slaying foe after foe, after foe, after foe. ^_^


That’s one hell of a sword. ^_^

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(Wow, I forgot I even made this topic haha)

For my game, the equipment management comes from the unique type of armour; modules. These things do all kinds of things: add abilities, resistance, magic, vice versa. So really, the weapons are base stats while the modules do all the nasty strategic work. It adds a challenge that players could attempt. A no module run. (Which already sounds like a bad idea lol)


There will be secret weapons, the initial idea that they exist is after a key moment in the story. These bad boys will be super rewarding for people doing a no module run as the weapons do in fact has some special powers that every other weapon doesn't. Combine it with some of the best modules and BOOM, you got yourself a beast slayer. (until you meet the super boss that is)

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