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Why So Whitewashed?

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@PhoenixSoul White Christian influence has been slowly devouring the entire planet since the Roman Catholic Empire, and it still is today.



On 10/7/2019 at 3:42 AM, Kayzee said:

You know, I was actually thinking of making one of the fairy characters in my game have dark skin. Yes fairies can have dark skin. Also green or blue or whatever other color of skin they want. At least a good percent of them are shapeshifters after all. Anyway, literally the only reason I was thinking of it was that her name (and her two friends) is a reference to a character in a web novel that happens to be black (her two friends aren't though). Though the thing is... The web novel character is hardly a flattering depiction of a black person, being a pretty demented sadistic bully of a 'superhero' with anger issues (to be fair though, the web novel is pretty clear that it's because of personal issues, there are other much more flattering black characters, and at least a large percentage of the targets of the worst of her anger are a gang of literal nazis). The character I named after the web novel character is also a bit sadistic as well, but much more playfully so, and I only added a touch of sadism to her character after I decided to name the three after the web novel characters. But she was a bit boring before so...


For reference, I decided to name them after the web novel characters (mostly, their names are similar but more cutesy) because they are kinda the recurring mini-boss goon squad of my game and ended up having the same hair colors of a trio of bullies in a web novel I like. There personalities are a lot different though.


Fairies don't really have a universal description or rule system of any kind. They've been heavily domesticated and reshaped by gross overuse in literature and pop culture. The old creatures of folk lore were in fact nefarious, mischievous entities, often spirits, not at all creatures of the mortal realm, and thus have no physical form.


What people think of as a fairy today, is 150% fiction, with almost nothing of the old lore remaining  intact.

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I know right? There is so much humans get wrong about fairies it's kinda hilarious. It doesn't help that there are so many types of things that sorta get sorta lumped together. For example, do you know the difference between a fairy, a pixie, and a sprite? Most people don't, or get it wrong! Did you know that depictions of fairies with wings only go back to about a hundred to two hundred years? Sure it's fashionable now, but hardly required. I think your first sentence there is a great way of describing fairies actually. Also trolls, believe it or not.


That said, you are only half right. What humans think of as a fairy today, is no more true or false then it was back then. I am a fairy myself you know, or like to pretend as such. Am I also 150% fiction? Of course I am! Everything I am comes from stories. Stories I have been told, and stories that I am telling. But here's the thing: You are no different, nor is the rest of the world. Reality may or may not exist and we may or may not be able to interact with it, but would we really honestly be able to tell? But we are still here aren't we? Truth or fiction, it doesn't really matter. What matters Is that we still exist.

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Well reality exists, and we can interact with it, that much I know for sure.


I love all folk lore, but I don't believe in it. There was a time in mankind's development when we didn't understand the laws and forces of the universe, and instead looked to superstition about gods, spirits, and monsters. Think of it like a human child. When it's young it believes in Santa, the Easter Bunny, and from time to time, gets a bad feeling there's a monster under the bed. But as it gets older, it begins to understand the laws and limitations of the world we're bound to.


Let's just say Fairies are real. Why just Fairies, though? Why that one mythical creature out of thousands, whilst the rest remain silly archaic stories? Why just one god being real out of hundreds?


As a man of science, it's impossible for me to go down this road.

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Hehe, I never said it was JUST fairies. And only one god? That's just silly! I never really said we were 'real' either, just that we exist. Perhaps we live inside stories simply as ideas that are transferred from mind to mind. You are awfully dismissive of fiction even though you like to write it yourself. I could argue about the dogmatic nature of many 'men of science' which I feel is opposed to the very spirit of what science is supposed to be about, but we have been down that road.


Anyway, it's fun to be a fairy, even if it is all pretend. If I just agreed with you that fairies weren't real, well that wouldn't be fun at all!

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