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Signature Height Limit (is 200px)

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I've noticed, that some users have ultra-long signatures, that are simply invasive.



Literally, I've bumped into a signature, that is as high as 1000 pixels, which is almost enough to cover the whole screen.


Members keep pointing out to the others, that they should put their code in spoilers. I also recall some reports regarding long signatures in the past, so I believe it is safe to say, that no one wants to get through these walls over and over again.


We always were reminding members, that the maximum allowed height for signatures is 200 pixels. While most of you respect that, there are members, who don't.


So now I present you a solution:

Instead of dressing up as a police officer and poking members to adjust their signatures, I have modified how these are displayed.


Basically in the editor ~ in your actual signature, you can still put as much things as you want (don't go wild with interpreting this though - obviously, harmfully long images for spamming purposes will result in troubles), but only 200 first pixels will be displayed. The rest will appear cut-off - not displayed, that is. Nope, I'm not yelling, don't you worry. I'm just highlighting the important information, as I can imagine members asking "why my signature gets cut-off in posts?". So now you know the answer beforehand. ;) 



It is to make it all nicer mainly for you, not us. You are the ones, who point out / report these things after all. ;) 


Of course as always, feel free to discuss that change. Feedfrontback is always welcomed. Thank you!

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Can we take a brief moment of silence for all of the sigs that died today (even if 90% are inactive accounts ;)), and remind everyone they have an option to remove all sigs from being displayed?


Most sites place limitations on signatures to prevent things like this from happening in the first place.

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