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[VXA] Recruiting Team for "Worlds Collide"

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GENRE: Fantasy/Classic SNES-style RPG
    Once, long ago, the world was full of magic and wonder; two races, humans and elves, lived alongside one another in peace and harmony. Then, one day, a demon of unimaginable power began to tear apart the very fabric of reality; all of creation stood on the brink of destruction. And so the Gods themselves, in desperation, were forced to make a terrible decision in the hopes of saving the universe: they split their creation in two--one a world of magic, the other a world of matter--and in between the two, they sealed the demon away. They wept for their creations; never again could the two races mingle as they once had. Never again could magic exist alongside technology. For if ever the two worlds were merged again, the demon would be set free--and his reign of terror would begin anew.
But two worlds, once whole, can never truly be parted, for they yearn to be as one. And when worlds collide, tragedy follows...
  • Explore a massive fantasy world, with plenty of unique locations and numerous side questlines!


  • Discover the consistent and well-planned history and lore of the world, and get rewarded for it!


  • A unique "upgrade" system where you customize and upgrade your weapons over time rather than buying new ones at every town!


  • Combine your attacks and spells to form powerful "dual skills" for a new level of strategy!


  • ...and much, much more!
The story is almost entirely written save for a few specifics here and there, and I plan to compose plenty of original music for it, but even so some assistance would be welcome on both fronts. Here are the positions I'm looking for:
  • Mapping [POSITION TAKEN]
  • Writing (for help with story/dialogue) [POSITION TAKEN]
  • Dungeon/puzzle designers [POSITION AVAILABLE]
  • Artists (for battlers, battlebacks, the title screen and intro cutscene images) [POSITIONS AVAILABLE]
  • People to work on skill/exp/stat/monster balance [POSITION AVAILABLE]
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