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[VXA] Seeking Team for N-C Project: Overworld

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Since I can no longer promote it on the QT through my signature, I am just going to put it on the table. This is it, folks. This is what I’m here for. I am doing other projects for experience in the meantime.


It might sound pretentious, but this is my love letter to vintage RPGs, Square, and the RM community as a whole, including Enterbrain and ASCII. It’s all the muse it filled me up with since my childhood, carefully distilled to create a single story. Deep down, at its core, Overworld is an intergalactic love story that focuses on three special characters who are all part of the same interstellar legacy.


I slapped together some lore on the spot. Did the best I could, but it has layers that are just hard to properly set up all at once. The game narrative would cover it all and much more.




Long ago, the Denizens set forth into space. Orphans from a dead, forgotten planet in search of a new home. They discovered Tri World. A special planet comprised of three layers. Overworld, the surface and waters of the planet. Underworld, the hellscape beneath the surface of the planet. And Skyworld, an invisible paradise above the cloud canopies of the sky.


They knew their arrival would be far too sudden and abrupt to promise a healthy, stable development of their relationship. Furthermore, they knew that they would never be the ones to live here. Instead of an occupation or invasion, they covertly collected DNA from the major races of Tri World and mixed it with some of their own, creating a male and female subject to carry their legacy, and in time, rule the planet with the people's support (this never comes up in our story, it was just a premise for why they are created). They would represent complete union, and contain the best of all races.


This pair of souls was unlike any other in existence, containing mystical properties that entwine them together throughout time and space. When they die, they are reincarnated into new bodies birthed from random women all around Overworld. These souls are drawn to one another like magnets. Regardless of conditions, they always reunite, fall in love, and die together. Offspring were never able to be produced, and whilst waiting over generations, something went horribly wrong. A female subject killed her male partner in an act of premeditated murder. The connect was severed, and no male was born again, breaking the line.


The Denizens population has withered away to one family. Desperate to fix the problem, they create a male clone at the moment of a new female’s birth, and send it down to Overworld.



(Revealed later in game)


Leeson is discovered on a shoreline by a fisherman and raised as a human boy. His green hair was unusual, so the fisherman’s wife routinely dyed it black. Leeson became a soldier and fought as a rebel in the Imperial war, but was inevitably drawn to his counterpart, who didn’t seem to be drawn to him because he couldn’t seem to find her. His search leads him to the legendary rebel frigate, Corsair. Leeson becomes a trusted ally of Captain Siegfried Blackheart (see my avi for reference), and his first mate, Rico Cortez.


Several years later:

Leeson is still searching for his partner, but unbeknownst to him, she dies prematurely of illness.


The last Denizens, now much older, make one last attempt to make things right. Another clone is sent down. . .



(Game Begins)


Leeson is drawn to a shoreline whilst at port, and discovers a baby boy with green hair wrapped in a swaddle. Rico Cortez takes the boy as his own, naming him Xander Cortez.


He grows up alongside Rico’s kids, Rio and Mia Cortez, and their friend, Leon Blackheart.




The player will spend some time as Xander, Leon, Mia, and Rio as children, Rio being a pre-teen. You have a room on the Corsair you can decorate a little bit. The kids end up shadowing Siegfried, Rico and Leeson against instructions, so there is some dialogue and play as children.


Seigfreid meets with another Captain and Imperials ambush the scene. Everyone is separated. The exact scene has had 3 different settings from a wharf to a warehouse to another ship, but: Rico is struck down, Siegfried is killed, Leon emerges, exposing the kids and throws a grenado that creates even more chaos, Leeson ushers Leon out of there, Rio storms the Imperials and is taken by them, Mia runs and Xander follows her. They reach the Corsair to find it being seized by the enemy. Xander steps up and gets Mia out of there.


13 years later:

The player is now assuming the role of Xander and Mia, living in a quiet walled city in a far western nation still neutral in the war. They work as light weight Mercenaries for a local contractor. They take the soft jobs none of the other mercs want to do, and the pay reflects it.


After a few jobs and some development, a new job will cross their paths with a pair of familiar faces. . . Leon and Leeson. Shortly after the player gets reunited with the Corsair, and find their room is exactly as they left it.


It’s not long before life on the Corsair brings them close enough to Imperials to meet Xander’s counterpart, Fera. She's a devout knight serving in the Imperial Infantry. Fate will bind their spirits and send them across all three layers of Tri World on a quest to save it from certain destruction at the hands of the Emperor’s latest and greatest weapon, Rio Cortez. He has been broken and manipulated by his captors, and now leads a vicious conquest to speed up the Emperor’s plans for world domination.


You meet  plenty of other characters, such as Vega Numera, a young, gifted inventor from the slums of Machine City, who is forced to collect scrap for his underprivileged family.




I don’t have a fancy section prepared, but I aim to swing for the fences whilst keeping things appropriately neat and trimmed. Very open to input and co-development.


The world and setting is supposed to be very endearing, rich with character, texture and lore.


The one major thing I have developed for it is the crafting system, particularly the Invention category. Vega can build a Death Bot, a secret character, as one of the notable perks.

The Corsair will also play a bigger role in gameplay than most ships. I was thinking Falcao’s tools system could be used to have live action world map battles whilst navigating the waters.

That’s all for now. I may add stuff later.


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