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Some of the poses I've been working on for the knight animated battler, it's Idle, woozy and running. It's with a visual equipment script so I'm super excited to be able to swap out weapons and to give people more freedom. 

Like I've done previously but this time without doing a entire new sheet for character and weapons.

01 Idle Animation2.gif

03 Woozy Animation.gif

09 Advance Animation2.gif

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Well it was only yesterday since I released the male Knight but with thanks to inazumas design I've brought one of his monsters to life. Original sprite by inazuma, animated by me. I hope to do this again.


A mimic barrel.


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Yeah it's pretty much plug and play with XP, there's only a few things you've got to do within the script but even I can do it. It's things like putting the character ID into arrays for things like victory/dead pose looping.




There's a Demo available also which is always a plus.

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New addition, Frog battler which is originally based on the rain frog from Xenogears. Decided to drop the rain part to make the creature easier to find.

Really pleased how this turned out.

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Want to design a costume for an animated battler? I've just set up a section in my discord for just that!

Or alternatively post them here.

Front back and side please and also state which class from my planned list


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I know these are like super late because I was away for about a year, but the work you've been doing is SO good I feel compelled to give more suggestions to round out your classes.


Class Ideas:



Bard: A traveling story teller, musician, singer and poet. They travel the world, soaking up lore, folk tales, culture, and personal interaction. Often found around trading posts, or bustling, smoke filled taverns, these socialites and pioneers of the arts are imbued with the rare ability to captivate and entrance listeners using only the power of sound. Be it the spoken word, a note sung aloud, or an instrument stroked by the soul, they can use sound to allure, hypnotize, lull to sleep, inspire, reduce to tears, or invoke a primal fear.


Weapon: Bladed Harp


An elegant, but deadly instrument. Amidst the inebriation and bustle of a night out at the local tavern, it may appear to be nothing more than a decorative, exotic instrument gifted to the player by a queen or nobleman, but upon a closer look by a trained eye, the bladed edge and handled shaft for wielding are clear to see.

Some images for inspiration: 



Falconer: (The concept was a druid-like beast master who uses beast familiars for his primary attack/skill set. Thinking about a good "weapon" for that, I settled on a falcon) A skilled beastmaster, outdoorsman and survivalist. They prefer to be in and rely on nature, and can form bonds with wild beasts with almost supernatural ease. Often found in the wilderness or around fur and trapping posts, these hunters and wildmen are masters of nature and the animals who defend her sanctity. Be it trained pets or nearby wild animals, they command beats to do their bidding, putting their unique strengths and skills to work for them.


Weapon: War Falcon


Intelligent, deadly, and highly trained. This majestic predator remains at the ready to defend it's master or carry out any order given to it.




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