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Holders Animated Battlers

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Some of the poses I've been working on for the knight animated battler, it's Idle, woozy and running. It's with a visual equipment script so I'm super excited to be able to swap out weapons and to give people more freedom. 

Like I've done previously but this time without doing a entire new sheet for character and weapons.

01 Idle Animation2.gif

03 Woozy Animation.gif

09 Advance Animation2.gif

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Well it was only yesterday since I released the male Knight but with thanks to inazumas design I've brought one of his monsters to life. Original sprite by inazuma, animated by me. I hope to do this again.


A mimic barrel.


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Yeah it's pretty much plug and play with XP, there's only a few things you've got to do within the script but even I can do it. It's things like putting the character ID into arrays for things like victory/dead pose looping.




There's a Demo available also which is always a plus.

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