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Radiant Arin

Even For Eternia [RPG Maker MV]

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"Take one step towards ending the hatred you have accumulated all these years. Take one step forward towards the path of salvation, and let your anger, hatred, and dissonance fade away.

...But not without a price to pay."

Welcome to the world of Even For Eternia! This is my first very serious project for RPG Maker MV. I've been developing RM games for the last six years, starting off with a game called The Last Prince, finally making another project in Ace called Broken Destiny, and then finally, switching gears and moving to RPG Maker MV for Even For Eternia, my first serious release on Steam and to the RPG Maker community.

When I set out to make this project I had one thing in mind: Making the game as best as it can be, to show that when you put your heart and soul into everything you can, you can make something truly marvelous. And I wish to share that with everyone. A lot of people say RPG Maker gets a bad reputation, but know that its the developer who can make something glorious, not just the engine.

Reserve your copy of Even For Eternia for $8.99 now! With this, you can experience:

• An amazing story that lets you take control of six characters, all being tested by their faith and feelings.
• Character driven narration.
• A Unique Wraith System: For every enemy you defeat, monsters of that particular archetype (fiends, reptiles, dragons) will get stronger over time. Akin to Final Fantasy X-2's Oversoul System but much more streamlined.
• Hours upon hours of Side content.
• Use emotional fragments, like Sorrow, Depression, or Hatred, to make yourself and your party members stronger.
• A Unique Alliance System: Align yourself with six different Alliances; The Faithful of Yvonne, The Scarlet Knights, The Dahlia Corporation, Ahrnalia, The Black Eye, and the Bersera Foundation. Then, reap the rewards of the chosen Alliance in combat. But be careful, some Alliances don't take too kindly on which choices you make, and there will always be a consequence.
• Soon to be implemented: Steam Achievements!












I highly encourage everyone not just to look at the project, but to see for what it actually is worth: An astounding RPG Maker game that I have put my heart and soul into.

Itch.io release: https://radiantarin.itch.io/even-for-eternia

GameJolt release: https://gamejolt.com/games/even_for_eternia/315868

If you would like to get in touch with me on a more personal level, then please check out the Discord link below:


Thank you for reading!

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