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I've been lurking on this site for some time now, checking up on people's works and getting inspiration. Suppose I should make myself known :).

If you have any interest in my own project, just ask away (basic questions!).


Other than that, I look forward to contributing to this awesome website.

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Hi hi hi! I think you will find most people are friendly here, so if you are nervous try not to go Mr. Self Destruct on us okay? I tend to like helping people and talking to them, I am kind of a little Piggy when it comes to that, though sometimes my opinions are controversial enough to be thought of like Heresy. I do sometimes march to my own beat, if it ends up being a March of the Pigs, so be it! Lots of people are like that in one way or another, and I think our differences only make us Closer! I think it's better to be builders then Ruiners don't you think? We all have to find our own path to The Becoming of who we want to be. It would be boring otherwise and I Do Not Want This.  It doesn't matter if you want to make a game about a Big Man with a Gun, or a cute and touching story about a cat sleeping in A Warm Place. Even if you decide your game isn't working out and you just wanna hit the big Eraser button, it's still a valuable experience! Even if you decide to make a small fangame about Reptile from the mortal kombat series or something, you will learn a lot I am sure! Try not to get caught up in The Downward Spiral some people get in! And have fun! It couldn't Hurt!


*giggles and sprinkles fairy dust everywhere*

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