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Shadow Quest

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Ashigara Studios 

is looking for talented people to join our team. Currently we have 43 voice actors 3 developers 1 artist and 2 musicians but we are in need of a few more people. We’ve almost finished chapter one of the game and so far it’s looking to be a really awesome game. Here’s who we need



-any and all voice actors

-developers adept in rpg mv

-artist who can help share the load with our current artist and do parallax mapping

-story writer

-team director

-online representative for advertising etc 



so far weve we’ve got a couple youtuber who want to play the game (one of them being tobuscus a famous youtuber) and markapiller



if you’re keen and want to join contact me on ashigarastudios@gmail.com


heres a link on our demo from like months ago  https://gamejolt.com/games/ShadowQuest/356959

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I'm no professional, but I have a voice and could record it if you still needed...


Also I am an audio engineer/producer if that could help you at all.


I'd have to re-learn, but I have done some great parallax a while ago

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