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I'm new to RPG Maker VX Ace, but I'm making an FMA version of an Oni game and I have a question. 


I'm having trouble with figuring out how to get the event(the Oni) to chase the player throughout different maps (which needs to happen right after I leave the piano room). 


I've looked on several articles and youtube videos all of them bring up variables, but I don't understand how variables work at all or their purpose(because like I said, I'm completely new to this program). Can somebody explain in the simplest terms possible step by step how to get an event to chase you for a specific amount of time into different maps, specifically after you leave a certain map? More importantly, is it 100% necessary to use variables to successfully have event chase the player into different maps?


I followed this tutorial, and Um... It's chasing me but it's not coming from the same spot the player enters the room at. And I don't know what I'm doing wrong.



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Hello @Karinakamichi,


I have moved this thread from Tutorials to Editor Support and Discussion.

The Tutorial area is for posting your own tutorials, not for posting your issues and seeking for help. Editor Support and Discussion is the area for discussing the software and/or seeking for support with its features.


Please keep that in mind next time, thank you! 😁

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