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How to program a "put the correct items in the correct receptacles" puzzle?

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I'm working on programming a puzzle to use in this game I'm making, and while I think I know how to do the programming, what I have in mind seems somewhat complicated to the extent that I don't know if I actually know or if there's some much simpler way I'm missing entirely.


The puzzle is this:


The player character has four key items: Item A, Item B, Item C, and Item D. There are four receptacles in a room, Frame W, Frame X, Frame Y, and Frame Z.


By facing Frame W and selecting Item A from the menu, the player is given the choice to place Item A in Frame W (I believe this particular part of the programming can be accomplished through common events, but I can't be sure if it's the best way to do it). If the player inspects Frame W with Item A in it, they are given the choice to remove Item A from Frame W, which will, of course, also return Item A to the player character's key items.


Of course, this should work with any of the Items and any of the Frames.


Nearby is a button. If the button is activated when the correct Items are in the correct Frames, a door will open. Otherwise, the player character will be damaged (frankly, this is the part I expect to be the easiest to program. I'm guessing I can just have a specific variable be set when an Item goes into a Frame, and the result of the button being pressed will depend on whether the combination of variables as they are currently set are the right ones, but again, I don't know if it's the best way to do it).


Any tips or tricks? Thanks.

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