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What are the current trending video games?

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Honestly what does 'trending' even mean in this context? Just how much interest a game is getting? I think Google Trends might be helpful for that. I am not quite sure how to use it, but I think there is a way to get a list of topics in a category and compare how often they are searched?

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One hyphenated word can sum up your question to absolute perfection: E-Sports.





Seriously, E-Sports are taking over gaming. Not that you have to be an official competitor, but the games featured by E-Sports are trending in general.


Highly competitive, multiplayer games that are often team-based. You might be thinking football or soccer, but games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Star Craft 2, etc. As the E-Sports world takes over like an unstoppable virus and the audiences get larger, and larger, and larger, these games are getting more exposure and players than ever before.


In terms of actual trends, E-Sports games are it right now.


Starcraft, Starcraft 2, any E-Sports games that have an offline mode.


I don't think any offline games are actually trending right now, so Bryan's link may be your best options.

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