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I actually have two issues going on here. Firstly is that Calestian's Currency Script (needed) removes the gold window from the main menu, which makes it so that the window width of the gold window that Theoallen's Limited Inventory script (also needed) tries to reference is no longer there.

What I've tried to do to no avail is replace that, but even though I know that the necessary width is 160, I can't get Ruby to interpret this properly, though I've tried in every single possible way I can think of.

I've tried adding a new class, defining a new method, nothing.

Aside from that issue, there's also the issue of the following with TheoAllen's script that also won't interpret an otherwise valid formula for actor notetag.

In said notetag, I have the following:

<inv formula>
</inv formula>

Which somehow throws this odd error "Can't convert to Float" or "...Fixnum" if I change *0.5 to /2 which neither error makes sense; I've closed all soft brackets properly and made sure that the result is at least 6, so the end result is not nil in any way.


My thoughts? I dunno; my skills at this are lackluster and I get lucky sometimes. Most of the time I receive aid from people.
Like I'm asking for now, and need NOW, not in a week or four or more like I've been told I should wait... (I don't do that to other people)


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Okay. Since I posted this, four views, and I figured out a pseudo-solution to this. It loads, however, the inventory window for the main menu screen does not.


As for the other issue, once I got the first part sort of dealt with, it fell into place. The formula works, no errors thrown.


I'm still seeking aid on this because the inventory window missing from the main menu screen still irks me. It should be where the gold window once was, but it does not appear.

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