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It isn't a topic that needs much back story to explain, though I've always had a mixed relationship with it. On one hand, it is great if you're playing a game where resources are already limited by any number of means, or are in a survival type of game where you should be ready to turn tail and run and/or fight, needing to be packing as lightly as possible.
On the other, it can be quite a burden to have to carry a heavy load that slows you down (or even completely keeps you from moving at all), due to some errand you have to run for A/B/C/X/Y/Z reason, or in cases where the weight of X and Y items are unrealistic and make it a difficult choice to either carry stuff or drop it and hope it remains there for when you return.


I myself am using this in my current project; I am trying to get it to where it doesn't become an unbearable burden, but also not too easy to cheeze through.

So, any thoughts?

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I think there are ways to get around things like this without making a decision at the core of it. One hero can only carry so much. But if an attribute like Strength gives you more carry weight as it increases, it's not really so bad long-term.


Alternatively - and here's what I personally prefer in terms of actual solutions - you could have something like wagons the player can rent or buy. This gets a bit complicated, but they would act like chests to hold loot. Perhaps the player can have the wagon follow them, or have it sit in a desired location until it is retrieved.


Maybe they can sustain damage so the player must be wise about hauling them into every battle situation. Perhaps the player can't dash while hauling a wagon.


You could have different quality wagons, each having its own respective carry limit. Things like this are semi-unique, engaging, and compliment something like a carry limit.


Think of follower mules in Skyrim, without the headache of AIs, as it's just a wagon holding items.


I would laso have some form of player stash spot for items. I have no idea how your game is structured, if it's even possible, but a lot of hardcore gamers are horders, lol. And Carry limits mess with a horders mind if we have no stash spots.

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Hehe, yeah my game also uses a form of limited inventory. Right now the limit is based on how many items you have and not weight, but I am using a script that supports both and I may switch to weight in the future. My game also lets you drop items on the map where ever you want, though I don't think it's ever saved if you leave the map even for non-dungeon maps. I do have a storage system though that lets you stash items for later though. I am actually quite proud of how my inventory system turned out actually! At this point it pretty much has every standard feature of a Mystery Dungeon-style roguelike, with the exception of cursed/blessed items (was thinking of doing it in a slightly different way in my game, but havn't finished anything related to it yet).

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