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Permanent Resistance Bonuses?

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Hi there, hopefully this is the right place to make a topic like this.

I'm working on a game that includes a thief-like ability to steal stats and stuff from enemies, rather than items. This ranges from stealing new abilities (like Blue Magic), to permanent health/strength/etc bonuses.

However, I've been trying to figure out some way to also also gain permanent resistances through this method too. Eg, a fire elemental may give you a permanent +1% defense against fire, or a slime might give you +1% resistance to poison.

Other than instead being able to steal equipment that does these things, I can't think of any way to do it. Any ideas (even a script recommendation that could do this) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank ya!

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EDIT: Excellent, it works exactly as I would like, thanks very much!


Sounds like that could work, as long as the skills don't show in a skill list in battle or anything, or the state icons show on the character(s) the way Poison/Blind/etc would.

Thank ya either way, always good to build up my useful scripts collection!

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Got what I was looking for.

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