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CSCA Currency System How to Use?(Script Call Usage)

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If anyone has mastered how to use Caspergaming's Currency System, can I ask your input?

script is 


For instance, this script call "discover_currency(currency[, boolean])"

What part should I overwrite to make it so that the currency will be enabled? (Yes, it was set to true in the config part but 2nd currency won't show in the menu)

I tried to write the following and always got a syntax error ( Out of frustration, I deleted the test game project which I pasted it so I will try to replicate the error and SS it later)

     discover_currency(:s[, boolean])                                    #":s" is the symbol for the second currency btw




Those scriptcalls don't work and crashes the game. Hurrah.

Note, I pasted the script on a new project without other scripts*


Long question short       "How to type in the script call to reference the currencies correctly?"



Love, Frustration, and Thanks, 






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I believe Casper mistype the instruction there. This is the correct command:

discover_currency(:s, boolean)


Change boolean to either true or false.


This is also work, I believe.


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