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Hi, I'm new to playing with RPG Maker and the first game concept that I've had involves starting a new game at max level and having certain things be able to diminish level and stats. Very few healing devices but a very slow regen effect.


I want certain events to be able to check for things like current HP, MP etc and alter those as well. For example, at one point in the game, a witch will offer a solution that requires a life force sacrifice, but she will only accept the sacrifice from a healthy subject. I want the game to check for 5k+ HP, otherwise the witch will deny assistance. I see options for changing the current stats, but these do not appear to alter the stat maximum. Is this something that I'll need plugins for?


Thanks in advance.

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@toddamusprime I have moved your thread to Editor Support and Discussion.


Forum Feedback and Support is, as the name suggest, a section to post questions related to the forums and/or seek for help with issues you experience on the site.


Please keep that in mind next time, thank you and have a nice day! :) 

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