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A short, low stat RPG with custom sprites and battlers. A unique viewpoint lets us see the world from the point of view of small animals and get their commentary on some things humans use.




















Rusty the Rat

A stout good ol' boy from the country. This rat has a tendency to let his appetite get the best of him, and it often leads to trouble. He is a good friend and always tries to follow the advice of his Ma and do the best he can. Not the brightest, but never gives up.

Fiona the Finch

A small city bird who has spent most of her life being carefree and flighty. She has a good nature and wants to genuinely help Rusty find his way back home. She provides support to her friends with kind words and soft wings.

Gus the Gecko

A young gecko who has spent a majority of his life in the fertilizer factory. He often finds himself in trouble, but quick wits and quicker feet get him out of it just as often. He feels that Rusty is a bit off, as he's never met anyone from the country before, but still wants to do everything he can to help him get home.






Rusty finds himself lost in the big city after his appetite gets the better of him and he hops on a truck. Traveling through 3 different dungeons, and meeting some interesting friends along the way, Rusty will grow and learn a bit more about himself.


A cast of 3 animals lead the way into minor hijinks and bigger than life trouble. This game will not have you saving the world, a princess or even a town. Rusty, Fiona and Gus are just trying to find a way to get Rusty out of the city and back home.






This game takes place in a modern setting, but you will not see any cities or much in the way of culture, as it takes place from the view point of small animals. There is dialogue explaining how they view humans and some quirky comments on what they think certain things are used for.


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fixed screen shots

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Congratulations on your release~
Despite the few tiny issues I found I had fun playing your game!

It was cute and quirky for sure,
I hope the feedback I gave you in private helped, and that your future projects turn out well!

I do recommend this game for those looking for a short and charming little experience!

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This looks hilarious! I've got to play it now.

I can't wait! I've got two pet ratties at home,

Rose Tyler and Ratniss Everdeen.

I want to pet them all the time, lol

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