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[RGSS3] Yanfly Equip Menu Addon Request

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Hi! I don't see an official request board here any longer, where there used to be, so I hope I'm posting this in the appropriate area. If not, I apologize!


So, I'd like to make an official request for an add-on to Yanfly's Equip Engine for Ace.


I have some items with, let's say, LOTS of effects on them. So many, that it becomes impossible to include all of them on two lines of text in the Ace editor. I'd love to see an add-on where players can press a key (let's say the A key on the keyboard) while their cursor is on an item in the equip menu (either an item already equipped, or while selecting an item to equip) that would bring up a window with all of the item's effects listed (although not generic things like "MCR * 140", I'd actually want to be able to write a notetag that would return the exact texts I've input). Text coloring and icons should also be able to be included. The help window at the top should still retain whatever text was put into the editor.


So let's say I'm going to equip an item, and I see it is increasing tons of different stats. The item's help text in the editor would say something like, "Press the A key to see special effects" and after doing so, a window would show, with all of the different lines I've input to explain the item's effects. Eight possible lines ought to be enough.


If anyone knows of a script that already does this, please let me know. Otherwise, I thank you for reading, and hope someone takes on this request. :D Be well!

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## Effects Box Script v1.0
## Created by Neon Black


## Effects and Features names module v1.0a
## Created by Neon Black

## Effects Box Script v1.1 - addon
## Created by Neon Black
## Modded by Roninator2

For my addon this is the function of it.

##    *Addition by Roninator2
##    Whenever you desire to hide an items' effects; or weapons or armor.
##    use the following:
##    <no effect: X>  where X is the number for the effect
##    *The first effect is 1 the second 2, etc.
##    So if you had 
##    Gain HP + 500   <- effect 1 not 0
##    Recover MP 10%  <- effect 2
##    Using <no effect: 2> would show
##    Gain HP + 500
##    Useful for things like calling common events
##    If an item has no effects and an empty note box, no effect box
##    will be shown.
##    If you have one effect and nothing in the note box, then effect box
##    will be shown even if you use <no effect: 1>
##    it will just be empty
##    In those circumstances put the normal <effect note> in the note box
##    with some info, then it won't look as bad.

* also fixed some bugs


Edited by roninator2

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Box text cut off.



toggle effects


Beside that, my mod allows you to remove effects from the display.


I haven't shared it since it is my add on. But if you want it that is fine, I just would prefer to keep it out of the masses.

It's not coded the best way, but it works.

It also prevents a minor issue, where you don't have to worry about where your <effect note> text goes in the note box.

The original script was written that anything you had above the <effect note> would show up. It just means that the code has to go at the top of the note box.

Edited by roninator2

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