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Yanfly Menu Cursor "Disposed Sprite" Error

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I'm working on a project in VX Ace, using Yanfly's Menu Cursor script. When trying to back out of the Game End window and return to the menu, I receive this error:





Script 'Sprite_Base' line 33: RGSSError occurred.

disposed sprite


The scripts I have installed are:

  • Yanfly Core Engine
  • Yanfly Save System
  • Yanfly Menu Cursor
  • Modern Algebra Quest Journal


I tried removing the quest script and that didn't change anything, so I'm sure that's not the problem. I also tried moving the cursor script around, to the bottom or between the core engine and save system, but those didn't change anything either. I'm not sure what the issue is, as I don't have much programming knowledge. Can anybody help?


I saw that somebody has asked about this before but they didn't receive a working solution and the thread is closed.

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