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Pictures in VX Ace

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Hello Everyone, 

So I was able to fix my original issue myself by messing around with the X and Y coordinates a bit. However, I still have 1 question and that's because of the resource manager. From everything I have seen online it says that all photos have to have a resolution of 554 X 416 or 640 X 480 with a script. However, In the resource manager it says that a graphic/picture is a file containing the images to display using in-game events and the images can be any size. When add my photo into my game with the correct resolution its still outside of the "frame" as in the sides of the photo almost seem like they are being cut off by boarders. Is there a way to expand the actual game screen so that the game screen is the size of the laptop screen automatically?





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Fixed myself

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I think you misunderstood what you read online. It's the game screen that has a max resolution of 554 X 416 or 640 X 480 with a script, not pictures. You can set it to full screen, but it's still the same resolution just scaled up. So basically, you can use images as big as you want, but you will only be able to see 554 X 416 or 640 X 480 of it at once. I think there might be some kinda DLL to get it higher but I don't know anything about it.

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Yeah. 544x416 is VX Ace's default resolution. It technically can scale down or up, though there's a soft-coded 'limit' of 640x480.

However, with pictures, the display is not coded particularly well from what I understand, so there's going to be issues no matter what. It would be best to actually use smaller images (like ninety to ninety-five percent of the game window resolution), and then do a bit of zooming in to make them fit better.

Even then, it won't be perfect. As far as getting VX Ace to have fullscreen resolution at the resolution of the display, not sure how easily it could be done...

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