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Help with some debuff

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I want to make a skill that makes enemies who attack an actor get debuffs 


Ex: Fire Shield
I cast the Skill to Actor A > All enemies who attack Actor A will get Burn Debuff


I tried to add an effect on Skill Effect Database, but instead the target cast in the ability is affected


How to give a debuff when enemies attack an actor, without give a debuff to the actor?

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I Imagine you can probably do this with common events. Make a common event that checks to see whether the target actor has the Fire Shield state, and make it so that the attacking enemy with receive the burn state if they do. You'd have to add a placeholder state to all of the enemies attacks that can be used in a conditional branch to check the target, as well as the targets current states. You would also have to do something similar to ensure that the correct enemy is affected by the state. This could all be done with variables in conditional branches. Sorry if this all sounds confusing... There's probably an easier way, but this is probably how I'd do it... I'll leave something similar below if it helps... Just take the template and modify it to suit your own needs... Hope it helps...




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