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Tales of Kandaria

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Hello, everybody, this is Tales of Kandaria,

Every human has a soul, then the question is what about the monsters? 
Usually, humans see the monsters as stupid creatures. Then if we give a soul to skeleton what would happen?
This game is about a skeleton which is weakest of the monsters. ınterestingly, he has a soul but has no memory of itself. Join him with his quest to find himself.
This game as still at the beginning of the development phase. I intend to finish it as fast as possible without sacrificing any aspect of the game. Game development  will consist of 3 parts;

1-Chapter I (Born to Rule)
2-Chapter II(?)
3-Chapter III(?)

I have some interesting ideas and curies. What are u thinking about them? If you support me in my quest to make this game, I would be very happy. Every month there will be an updated version of the game, polls and lots of Illısturions.
Demo of the game can be found at the link below. I am very interest to know your comment about it.


For Windows;


For Mac;



Don't forget to share a comment.


If you want to support me here is the link: https://www.patreon.com/talesofkandaria


Yanfly (yanfly.moe)

Aaron krogh(Musics)







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