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~The Seventh Warrior~ is a retro-themed, SNES-style RPG that tells the story of "Dark" the demonic crown prince of hell, who nearly conquered the world a thousand years ago but was able to be stopped and sealed away in the end. Now, a thousand years later, the demon prince returns after the seal is broken by fools who believed they could control him - how wrong they were.

Hellbent on revenge, Dark is once again on a mission to take over the world but things are very different nowadays; back then he had an army of thousands of demons, orcs and undead under his command. This time he must do things alone. Soon Dark realizes that the world he once brought death and destruction to has drastically changed; the big empires he fought against are gone, new lands were discovered and new wars are threatening the world. And so it seems our demon lord is only one of many threats that could plunge the world into chaos...

If you are tired of mimmicking the shiny sparkling hero and would rather rule the world than save it, if you want a humorous, chanllenging, storydriven game experience in 90's retro RPG style then this game is for you! ...Are you ready to take on the world?


















- Go on an epic 40+ hour journey through a huge fantastic world, explore villages, cities and many other places and meet hundreds of interesting characters!

- Overcome dozens of beautifully designed dungeons and solve tricky puzzles on your way to world domination!

- Fight in epic challenging battles and beat your enemies in an ornate crafted retro side view battle system with fully animated characters and monsters! (Still work in progress)


With enough support via Patreon I would like to make the battle system look more like this:




- Voice Acting in battles


- Discover a beautifully crafted soundtrack featuring awesome artists like Sam Machin!
- Show your skills in a variety of mini games




-Decide which path your fate will take with the Karma System: Your decisions control which path you will take. Will you come back as the horrible monster you are known as in the history books and bring death and pain to the world? Or will you walk on the path of light helping people and proving yourself with good deeds?




Where will the journey and your decisions lead you? Find out for yourself in a retro styled RPG inspired by the glorious SNES era!




Graphic Credits


- Alisa Tana 
Creative Commons 3.0: (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/au/)
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- Sinnistar
Balloon Emoticons:
- Candacis


I hope I could wake your interest and you like what you see 🙃


I really appreciate any support I can get to make this game a reality! 😁


Please consider supporting me on Patreon and get special rewards! 😈




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