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Free Chiptunes (Also Hi!)

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Hello I'm donadavs, and I'm starting my account here to help get my Chiptune music more known. If anyone wants to use it feel free, no permission required.


Here is my playlist:



I'd also be happy to make more specifically for you upon request. I'm hoping eventually to make money off of this, but first I must become famous enough, so everything is free for now. It will be easiest to contact me in youtube, username donadavs.


If you TOTALLY want more music by me I also write some higher res music in FL Studio (start from the bottom of the playlist if you want to hear the better ones)



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Hello there!


Oooooooh chiptunes!!! 💖 These make me feel like a kid again. Awesome stuff you have there, I really like your works. I work in 8-bit ~ pixel environment a lot, so this totally gathers my interest. Thank you for sharing these, perhaps I'll have some nice use from these. c:


Keep it up and welcome to the herd!

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