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Help Coming up with Tiered Spell Names

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Call me old fashioned, but I love the old school RPG styled tired spells. Stuff like Final Fantasy's Thunder-Thundra-Thundaga, or Dragon Quests Woosh-Wooshle-KaWoosh-Kawooshle. It has a certain charm to it, and makes it easy to tell how powerful a spell is at a glance. I know it's kind of a divided opinion whether this type of skill names are liked or not, but it's really nostalgic to me.

So, I've been trying to come up with a good sounding set of prefixes/suffixes for my own JRPG, but have been stumped on this for longer than I care to admit. :p


I currently am working with Flare-Flaremore-Flaremire, with either RaFlare or OmniFlare as a multi-target version of the spell, but it just doesn't feel right.


I'd really appreciate any brainstorming help here. Thank you :)

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Thunder, Thunderer, Thunderist? :3


Okay okay maybe that's too silly... Though personally I always thought tiered spells were a little silly anyway... Not even just name wise I mean, I have just never liked the way JRPGs tend to give you stuff that becomes completely obsolete later on. I personally would rather see a smaller set of spells that you get better at using rather then getting new spells all the time that just are better then other ones that do pretty much the same thing, if only to save having to scroll through a huge list of spells half of which you don't ever use anymore.


That being said, magical nonsense spell names can sometimes be incredibly fun! Hehe, my favorite example of a game that uses them is Treasure of the Rudras, though that might be cheating because the whole gimmick of the game is that you can basically write your own spells (or mantras as they are called in game). There is a system at play for how the game interpreters what you put in though based on keywords and prefixes/suffixes. It's really cool to play around with and it teaches you more about the system aqs you play, but the downside is you can basically cheat with it because you basically can enter any mantra you want right away, so if you look up powerful mantras you can use them as soon as you have enough MP to cast them.


Speaking of mantras, if you want a more traditional example of crazy spell names, a lot of Shin Megami Tensei spell names use Sanskrit and I kinda think that's neat. You could always try using some other language roots in spell names. I could imagine using old english root words myself...  I mean, look at these different cases of the old English for fire: Fyr, Fyra, Fyrum... Danish has Fyret, Fyrene... I think they are pretty neat! But then I love that kinda language stuff and looking up word orgins and shush. Hehe...

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