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Hi everyone! I’m a teenager who’s into making RPG Maker games! After reading around the forum for a while, I decided to join In case I need advice for something. 


I make silly but somewhat serious fan-games about things I like (example, my first (and cringey) RPG Maker game was a SpongeBob Fan-game that was like a cartoon crossover and had the plot of Earthbound and the first Final Fantasy games.) I intend on making other games with different genres but RPG games are my favorite and I decided to start there. My games may not look epic or interesting when you first look or read about them, but I can promise you they have good stories and funny moments! 


So... I think that’s everything! I mainly use VX Ace. I was going to use VX but due to some limitations, I decided to switch. I hope I have a good time on the forums! 

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