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So, I needed a script for fixed Critical Hit chances...

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I eventually found one (on this site, actually) but after inserting it under materials and placing the notetag, it didn't work. I proceeded to scrap the idea and just test out damage on some skills. I then started to get an error about the script I had just deleted! I'm very new to vx ace and rpg maker in general, so i'm kind of freaking out with this error. I've tried using different actors, giving them different skills; even inserting the script again and I still get an error. Can anyone help me with my problem?



(here's the script in case anyone was wondering)


#  to have fixed critical chance on a skill use the notetag:
#     <Crit: *x*>
#   where x needs to be the percent value like 30 equals 30% chance.
#     <Crit-no-cev>
#   this skill ignores the critical evasion of the enemy
  def item_cri(user, item)
    if item.damage.critical
      if item.is_a?(RPG::Skill) && item.note =~ /<Crit: ([0-9]+)>/i
        prop = $1.to_i/100.0
        prop *= (1 - cev) unless item.note =~ /<crit-no-cev>/i
        user.cri * (1 - cev)



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