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Help! Script call for: Bush effect

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Is there a way to enable/desable bush effect?

bush effect is inside:  database/tilesets/

I dont use tilesets but parallax picture as a map.. so i cant call it properly with terrain tag.. and i need a script

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Honestly I have not used parallax mapping very much, but I was under the impression tilesets were still used just with blank images. Admittedly though it can be a pain to edit maps that way, so I can see why people would avoid that. Unless you made a script that let some tilemaps clear bitmaps in game I guess. Don't you need to use a tileset for terrain tags anyway? Or do you actually mean regions? People seem to mix those two things up a lot really. I can see how using regions to mark solid/special parts of a map would probobly be preferred to fiddling with blank images I guess.


Anyway, if you want it, here is a little script to let a region act like a bush:


class Game_Map
  BUSH_REGION = 8 # Change to whatever region number you want
  alias_method :bush_base?, :bush?
  def bush?(x, y)
    return true if bush_base?(x, y)
    valid?(x, y) && (region_id(x, y) == BUSH_REGION)


Haven't really tested it, but it should work?



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Oh thanx so much for your try.. !!! :D

But unfortunately i have errors..


A region call as you tried with your code would be nice..

But i dont care... all i need is a script to enable it.. and a script to disable it..


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Oh wait, you are using MV arn't you? Ooops sorry, I really only know how to do it in VX Ace, so I can't help for MV at all. :( Sorry about that.

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