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Hello there everybody!

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Hey there! As the username says, I'm Accurina. I've always wanted to make games as a dream since I was young, it was fun seeing people enjoy stuff I create such as warcraft 3 custom maps, youtube videos, etc. Even wanted to learn game development and coding too but due to real life reasons it didn't really work out. 


Luckily for me, I found out that RPG maker exists! I found that it was a pretty neat way to make classic RPGs and started messing around with it. (started out with RPG maker VX which I still use to this day)


My first two games were... unfortunate to say the least, one had simply too many ideas and the execution+length was simply way too long and lacking for me to see it through, not to mention the lack of motivation for it - so it was scrapped. The other game I created was simply generic and bland, which was mainly made as a testing grounds to see what I could do with the program really.


Afterwards, I got into phoenix wright and decided that I wanted to make a story focused game, since I've always had stories in my head I wanted to tell, and that, became the basis of my third game, a story focused mystery RPG... That I lost interest in. Before gaining interest in it again, and lost... repeating the process over a few years until today, where I hope I can finally find the inspiration to finally finish a game! Hopefully I'd be able to get it done sometime soon before losing interest in it again wew.


Well, thanks for reading my introduction and I hope to get along with the people over here! 

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Welcome! ^ u^ i was interested young in game dev just like you! (wanted to make them since 2 years old) My first game was scary long for a starter (over 70 hours RPG in a RPG Maker - XP), but it was a fan game so I had a lot of course materials to pull ideas from (Dragonball Z HYYYPE!) and I did finish it. It can be tough at times to stay motivated, but - as someone who has been there starting out - the best method to stay motivated is to actually take breaks in between to do other hobbies. Not only does it give you a rest from a maybe frustrating part (for me, it was dialogue writing XD I'm better at everything else but that, which is kinda of unfortunate since I love RPGs) BUT you can come back with fresh eyes and mind and maybe see problems you weren't able to before. So level up your art and music and all of that in between. Breaks are handy.


A game design document is handy too or at least that's how I like to organize my thoughts and goals, but any type of planner will work. If you break things into smaller tasks it feels like you are accomplishing MORE somehow, which leads to less "I'mma quit!" moments.


Here's to you finding motivation! <3 Keep the chin up and remember you have the power. Go embrace your creative dream and I hope I can play your game someday.

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