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New Streamer Looking For Games!

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Hai hai everybody! I'm a brand new Twitch streamer and I'd like to promote/play some indie games on my channel during some of my stream times.


  • I will play anything. Any genre, however.......I do favor some genres over others. I like RPGs (any type even oldskool!), Simulation, and Horror games most. I tend to like action/adventure, epic, scary, and science fiction elements. I am not fond of slice of life or romance generally, unless it comes with other story elements, or is done extremely well mechanically (like Harvest Moon, which has just enough plot and excellent mechanics to be a good sim despite being totally slice of life-ish - basically sandbox games are great! I just don't like the petty drama/romance stuff like in those types of animu - pretty sure you know what I mean. lol) since the genre alone is boring/annoying for me. XD But I will play them regardless!
  • I'm going to do these in the order that I receive them. No exceptions. I don't want to play favorites. ^ u^
  • Longer and shorter games both accepted. I just may break up the longer games into multiple streams.
  • I don't have a regular streaming schedule due to my disabilities. But I'll try to do one day a week (the day may vary) dedicated to these indie games. And at LEAST bi-weekly guaranteed. :3


Ask any questions here. And start flooding me with your best works!

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I have a game you could stream. It’s basically my childhood game idea that I got after playing Earthbound when I was 9 or 10. The game is very silly and comedic (in my opinion). It’s hard but you’ll just need some strategies. Also, the game is basic and uses a lot of RTP things as placeholders. (For example, I used RTP sprites for fish because the original sprites got taken down.) I made the game over Summer Break and finished in early December last year, so it’s nothing special.   

Here’s the game: 


Note: There’s some romance involved in the game, but it’s just a side joke between two characters. Nothing romantically serious or Slice of life-ish is going on. 

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Adding it to my queue! I'm fine with even serious romance in stories as long as the whole plot doesn't revolve around just it (unless it has some really great mechanics - some dating sims can be fun and have story outside of just the romance for example which is cool!). I guess I could use a comedic game for a lighter mood. ^ u^

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