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Re-Breeze, RMMV Tiles Set.

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In this thread I'll be sharing resources I create for practice. These are all free to use unless stated otherwise.
Comments are welcome! I take commissions and request btw :)

This set is inspired by  Greenraven's Breeze Revolution Tilesets from back in the day (RMXP), I absolutely loved those and didn't see anything similar in RMMV so I decided to create them. By inspired, I simply mean used similar color palettes as that was what made Breeze special for me.

Also tried to make a map mixing in some RTP stuff, and whaddaya know, the RTP house work beautifully with this tileset! Some of the vegetation too actually ♥
('tis just a test, I'm no mapper obviously lol)
And here's the Tileset :



Walls A4:
Misc (B-E) :



28/07/2019: ADD ON

tiles_01-png.120187 tiles_03-png.120188 tiles_04-png.120189 tiles_05-png.120190 tiles_06-png.120191 tiles_07-png.120192 tiles_08-png.120193 tiles_10-png.120194





Preview with everything included:

(you have to place them on the tilesets yourself since these don't make up a whole tileset obviously)



For those interested, here's the autotiles in TILED format: 
I hope you like them! If you have any criticism, please don't hesitate to share! I'm new to the tileset making business ahah.


RULES for using:
- If you use any of this, please credit me as : Oozarts.

- If you use these, please send me a link (via this post or PMs) to your project, even if it isn't released yet (if and when you chose to present your project to the community), this is mainly because I'd really like what you make of it! xD


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