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[PLEASE, E-MAIL TO darkspinesgames@gmail.com IF INTERESTED]


Hi, everyone! DarkSpines Games here.


So, we are about to finish the translation of the Spanish game by Remainder Studios "The Town of The Lost Witch". It isn't short. Well, you have all the information here: 




The link in that post is for the Spanish download, the translation is about to be finished.


We'd like to have someone determined to help us and play the full game in less than two weeks.


Thank you for reading and please, come play with us to the great town "Broken Road" in The Town of The Lost Witch!


DarkSpines Games Team.


[PLEASE, E-MAIL TO darkspinesgames@gmail.com IF INTERESTED]

ttotlw esp.png

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I'm more than happy to playtest your new game.  It sounds like what you mainly need is feedback about the translation, am I understanding that right?  I can do that.

As for the time limit, how long (roughly) is the game?  I'm blessed/cursed with some downtime right now (partially thanks to Covid, and partly because my car dealership is lazy), so I can play for several hours at a time without worry, but if your idea of "short" is 15+ hours, then it may be hard to meet your deadline while also taking notes for feedback.

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