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Really in need help finding this music file or composer name.

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Hello, it's been long time, like 6 years has passed, incredible.


Two years and half ago I've completely lost all the files of my project on RPGMakerVXAce, and two weeks ago I started again developing my game directly on RPGMakerMV.

Fortunately I found again the majory of bgms and even tilesets by browsing across all internet, even japanese ones.


However, I couldn't find the only music I really miss and loved a lot.

The music I'm looking for was used on a showcase video where in the very early development stages I posted on this forum a showcase of the character techniques, this one:


Sadly I don't remember its name, neither the composers name...

I've spent over two weeks doing a massive browsing and played without joking over 6000 musics (maudamashii, Aaron Krogh, Kevin Mcleod, JStewart, etc)...


Please, if someone has it, or at least knows the author name, please tell me so.

Thank you in advance.

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