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Help! Choices Box Positioning

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Hello!  I was wondering.. is there a way to edit the x and y  position of choices box?

I don't need static x, y  but i want to change it through a $gameVariables.value(x) or something.. every time that i call it..

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OK SOLVED!     found the answer on Internet after better search! Credits to #Aloe Guvner


Use Script command and paste this code.. (Place it, before your show choice-command)


(function() {

var alias_Window_ChoiceList_start = Window_ChoiceList.prototype.start;

Window_ChoiceList.prototype.start = function() {


switch ($gameMessage.choicePositionType()) {

case 0: //left

this.x = 5;

this.y = 7;






Replace the      this.x     &     this.y       values to what values you want!   (This code refers to the ''left'' placed box ocation )

You can also adjust the case of placed box:       case 1: //middle       case 2: //right         

(Sorry for my english) :P

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