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RPG VX ACE maximum game window size?

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Hello everyone I am just starting using VX ACE
but is it true that the maximum game window size is only 640 x 480?
if this is true then is my only option if I want a bigger screen is to switch to rpgmaker MV or xp?
I definitely want to check this B4 switching

also while I'm here I'm looking for a online Rpgmaker tutor who I am happy to pay per hour over Skype :)
so PM me if you are interested


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If you are going to still with vx ace then there are a few tutorials on the RPG Maker Forums. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com


As for vx ace screen size, the native max size is 640x480

But there are scripts that can present in full screen and scaled size. although the resolution is still 640x480.

There is also a hi-res dll file for high resolution but it is no longer distributed. So if you never had it, you are not supposed to be able to get it.

There is also a script make by KK20 that allows some resizing. I used this in a test and got it working for 1280x960


If you want to use current hi res graphics, you will need to use MV. There is no size resolution limit for MV.

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