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Looking for someone to help me with sprites and a video for my project.

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I've been working on a passion project, remaking Dragon Warrrior/Quest 1 on RMVXA. I need someone to make a video recreation of the Gameboy port's intro. I have 0 experience with animation, and could use a helping hand. Since it's IP is from Enix, it's a free project so I can't pay, but I do parallax mapping and am pretty handy with some other stuff. I could also use the help of a really good pixel sprite artist to recreate some characters from the SFC DQ1.

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MV doesn't have nearly as many scripts, plus the aspect ratio is so annoying. And it looks like pretty uninspired. I've seen the video of AnimeBryan's work, and mine has a lot more to it. Plus I've been working on my remake over 2 years, putting a lot of effort into mapping, features, and new content.




2019-08-15 (9).png

2019-08-15 (10).png

2019-08-15 (13).png

2019-08-15 (18).png

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MV has a lot of Plugins (just as many Scripts as Ace, if not more). Heck, Yanfly's library of plugins easily outweighs his VX Ace collection of Ruby Scripts, and they offer far more versatile features & options. MV is the first & only RPG Maker engine to support HD resolution, while Ace is still limited to a 640x480 resolution. And who is 'They'? Who remade this using old SFC Graphics? Re-imagining isn't the same thing as a remake (similar to what's happening with the FF7 'Remake').


That phrase actually worries me, because there's another guy who is attempting to do a re-imagining with Ace & not only is his game butchering the classic but he's trying to add so much stuff to the game that he's having issues with scripts & I think he got seriously set back to the point of starting all over again, if he hasn't quit already. I haven't heard of any remake that uses the old NES graphics that I know of.

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