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Hearts Like Clockwork (Featuring Kagamine Rin)

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Far in the future, a war between humans and machinery has left the island country of Japan isolated.

Now, decades after the Japanese managed to reclaim their country and rebuild it, it seems normalcy has returned.

Hearts Like Clockwork follows the young Rin Kagamine as her ordinary daily life is about to become a lot more interesting,

...And a lot more dangerous.


In this game you play as Rin Kagamine, Crypton High School's first-year class president. On the day her life is about to change forever.

The adventure she will be dragged into will require her wit, strength, charm, and a good number of friends if she hopes to make it out alive.

Whether it's through friendship, Music, or brute force, Your actions may affect more lives than you initially thought.

This game features:

  • Original art by Melonie Moon
  • An original story which responds to your choices and playstyle.
  • Many familiar characters from the "Vocaloid" voice synthesizer franchise such as Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin/Len, Megurine Luka, and Megpoid Gumi.
  • A world crafted with love.
  • A brand new "Smartphone" system that collects information about the world you're inhabiting, and lets you call your friends if you happen to be lost.
  • A subtle twist on the Classic RPG-styled combat.
  • A simple friendship system, and innocent, pure youth romance (Note: at this time all romance options are girls)
  • Many jokes and references to Vocaloid songs and lore within them, none of which you need to know to enjoy the game!



The game comes with a difficulty selection!



Luka's homeroom class



Outside the school


Time to teach this guy size doesn't matter!



A game by KayakoAmaya(KayakoChan)

Custom scene art by MelonieMoon ( www.meloniemoon.com ) (Hopefully Soon to replace the facesets)
Placeholder faces by Suzuya appon
Some map resources by Celianna

Extra trees and clutter from Whtdragon
Menu layouts based off Moghunter

Parallaxes, Sprites, and misc by KayakoAmaya

Sound and music:

Custom SFX mostly from Gravity Sound
Music "Skeleton life" Off vocal by ラムネP
Music "Regret message" off vocal by mothy
Music "Spiralling Thoughts" by Scythuz
Music "Orphan Trope" by OnslaughtSupply
Song Clip "8 Hit" by じーざす ft Kagamine Rin
Song Clip "Proof of Life" by Hitoshizuku P ft Kagamine Rin
Song Clip "Last night, Good night" by kz ft Hatsune Miku
Song Clip "Love is war" by Ryo ft Hatsune Miku


Engine by Enterbrain/Kadokawa

Combat, journal, and message system by Yanfly

HUD/Menu system by Moghunter
Mapzoom plugin by Masked

Save system and title skip by HimeWorks/Tsukihime

Parallax system by Galv

Mouse pointer system by Quasi/Quxios

"Vocaloid " And its characters belong to
their respective owners. Crypton Future Media,
Internet Co, Ltd.,  and Yamaha Corporation.

The demo is currently about 80% done, Still needing a few more maps, the replacing of facesets (if lucky!) and a boss spriteset.
Sadly I was convinced 40 minutes isn't enough for a demo or it would be done! Special thanks to ChibiEvil for that <3

Edited by KayakoChan

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Ehehe~ Thank you ❤️ I'm sorry for the little joke at the end~ In a way I credited you because of it, Fufufu~!
You technically ensured the game demo will be better for it~

Well, Time to work hard~

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I keep forgetting to post updated here (Since the place is a little dead)
Seems that I am making progress a bit more slowly than anticipated so I'm probably going to release it when I have all of Melonie's amazing busts~

Here's a preview of her Miku bust she did for the project~

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