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Plugin Creator / Editor Needed for RPG Maker MV

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I have a few tasks that are critical to finishing my game, but unfortunately my last programmer disappeared.
This is a rather unorthodox visual novel made in RPG Maker MV, that has been in development for about a year, but has recently screeched to a halt.

All work is fully paid on a per-task basis, rates to be discussed in private.
The only requirements are that you are 18+ and have experience making / editing RPG Maker MV plugins.


This is a list of the tasks that need doing:


  1.  A plugin that would allow for custom cursor graphics; Every existing plugin for this - that I've tested - either has conflicts with TDDP's mouse system, or in the case of QTouch, the cursor graphic resets when you point outside the window. Would also accept simply fixing the bug.
  2. Increasing the width of choices, VN-style. I've tried Galv's, but it causes conflicts with other plugins, especially those by Hime. I remember reading somewhere that someone else had the same problem.
  3. A plugin or possible edit that enables menu choices to send the player to maps, which would be used for special screens. For example, this would be used for a Gallery or Achievement collection map, which relates to the next task:
  4. Possibly the largest task, a plugin that allows persistent variables across the downloaded build, used for an 'achievement' or 'gallery' system. Again, I haven't been able to find a plugin that works for this. It could be as simple as certain variables writing a true / false value into a .txt file, somewhere in the game files, then checking for the value any time that variable is called, to make sure that achievement couldn't pop twice. Like "If this variable's number is set to false in the .txt file, then set it to false, else do nothing" while the Event would handle the rest.


Feel free to send me a PM if you'd like to discuss it.
There's no pressure or time constraint, but I would like to be able to get a new build out by the end of September; Due to the problem I mentioned at the start of this post, I haven't been able to post a new build in over 2 months.

All the art & writing is my own work, and I can do that just fine, but I need the basic features & gimmicks working before I can release a public Alpha.
You can also e-mail me at TripleTreatGame@gmail.com

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