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Vincent Law

Ignaculus (and Luminar)

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Project Name
Technical Data
Project start: January 2016
Situation: 98% complete, 30 hrs game time! (along with the Luminar game - 2 games in 1)
Project data
Developer: Vincent Law
Project name: Ignaculus
Genre: Fantasy (RPG)
Engine: RPG Maker MV
Developer Team: Patientia
Date of creation: 2016
Release date: 2019/2020
Story: 100%
Programming: 99%.
Design: 100%
Mapping: 100%.
Project phase: Development (Updated 04/09/2019)
The life of the young Angelus was going on complete normality until the day when, along with his friends, they were taken by surprise by a girl who passed a surprising revelation: they would have to travel back in time to kill the Illuminati who came from a parallel Earth in order to unite 13 people and end religion. But there was a collapse in time and this awakened all the deities of the universe to repair the mistakes of those humans. It made some of them have a vision of how to cease creation at once. The atom should be replaced so that there is no more fear and hatred that is everywhere.
Should Angelus accept the destiny to which he was born and give up living and thus trust in what he thinks is right or continue living to learn to control his instincts before the enemy destroys him? The task is clear, he cannot waste time, Angelus has to die as soon as possible. Would that be the right decision?
In the midst of all this, there is a man named Ignaculus, whose only desire is to avoid the rotten life that is in the structure of this collapse and to have a stable life.
"Angelus and the others were sentenced to death?"
"Three months was what the Ancients gave them to remain on Arcadia Land."
"I really want to LIVE!
"You have always been a dead flesh, Angelus!
"Angelus, why don't you hang yourself? Maybe you can overturn the verdict of the eight Judges made for your friends."
"I am Angelus, the one who will make everyone who loves me hate me in the depths of his soul.









RS Pause Game (PC)
MUSH MenuOptionScreen
SDR FullscreenTonggle
Yep Keyboard (PC)
Galv MessageBackground
Hime PreTileEvents
Izy x MapNameSwitch
Mog AnimatedText
Yep Core Engine
Yep BaseParamControl
Mog Battle Hud
Mog HpGauge
DrXama characterShadow
Yep EventChase Player
Mog MenuCursor
Skip BattleTransition
SDR FontOption
Galv NewGamePlus
SDR GameOverCore
Mog TitleParticles
Yep SaveCore
Yep BasicModule
VE FrogAndOverlau
Hime BattleWeather
Mog Weather EX
MogChar Particles
Yep BattleEngineCore
Yep X ActSeqPack 1
Yep X ActSeqPack 2
Yep Message Core
Yep AnimatedTilesOption
Yep PartySystem
Yep X ActorPartySwtich
Hime SideviewActorEnemies
Yep SkillCore
Tep X LimitedSkillUses
Mog Battle Camera
Yep XBattleSysATB
Mog BattleCursor
Mog ComboCounter
Mog HP Gauge
Mog  VisualTimer
SDR Camera Core
SDR AutoCamera
Yep SkillLearnSystem
Aloe VirtualButtons
SDR GameUpgrade (PC)
SDR PreloaderCore (PC)
FPS Limit
SD DinamicLanguage Core (All the tree)
Chau ScenesStabilizer




Darren's Commercially Free Music
Scythuz + RyanA Collaboration Track
Bittersweet Feast of the Squidcat by Scythuz and RyanA
Magical Labyrinth - brought to you by Scythuz and Blodeuyn

Trailers (Turn on the Video Subtitle!)




Quick info



There's no experience to be gained from that game. Only energies that wander and you can use them to increase the status. Also has no equipment to be scattered. Here Animus does this work, to understand better, think about the following, Animus is similar to antibodies, but the latter does not contain as much intelligence in protecting your host, since it is not afraid of "death". "They taste what it's like to be truly alive.


2 - Here the emphasis of the game are the spells of what a sword blow. In reality, it is much more coherent to have more damage than a mere sword strike. The magic here is much bigger than a gunshot.


3 - The most damaging blows also apply to sword techniques and concentration. 


4 - The body is protected by Animus. This means that the skin of the manipulator (called Awake) of this energy can simply be unscathed from any type of friction that might hurt parts of the body.


5 - The flight is normal for those who control Animus. And speaking of that, the latter has something amazingly terrifying that the player will witness in this game. It's terrifying!


6 - The scenarios are quite short, not making anyone get bored by them. Unlike many games that offer long and tedious regions.

7 - There are no monsters here. If one is seen, one can say that the technology in Arcadia Land is beyond humanity, so it is normal for genetics to be modified by them (they are beings coming from Animus injected into organic machines).


8 - Gates lie in the Beyond World. In this environment you will have the freedom to choose how to follow only the plot of the game or enter one of the gates to watch scenes that preceded the linear script, recent or later. But there will be a separate challenge to see these details.


9 - When entering the middle of the game, the player will have a pleasant surprise overwhelming. It's something rare in a rpg game.
10 - The game answers all your questions (because the plot is very complex and at the same time takes you by surprise, connecting all the points throughout the scenes), but know that each of them is to surprise you.


11 - The plot does not show deviation from the linear plot, it will always be connected and one hundred percent cohesive with the whole. 

12 - There is more than one ending.


13 - In the Beyond World there is a special room where you will be surprised to learn what it can offer you.



Then I'll add "Characters" to the topic.
If anyone wants to join the project, please contact me with a personal message. This game will be on sale at Steam and PlayStore.
Thank you.
Edited by Vincent Law

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